Giselle has always held a love for escapist art. Winning her first national art contest at the age of 9, she grew up with her work in group shows and on display in public institutions.

Since graduating from the University of Western Ontario in 2004 with a bachelor of fine arts, she has been actively involved in the world of film and television. It was in this medium that she deepened her love for the idea of art imitating life. She sought immersion into worlds that appear very much like our own, such as can be found in detailed historical films, and films that cultivate a sense of familiarity with past periods as though they were memories which bring life to the pages of history books. Giselle consequently began drawing her inspiration from old photo albums and nostalgic pop culture magazines. Her focus was not on the special moments of life that are foremost documented and remembered, but rather the candid mundane in which we can get a sense of the subjective world of a person distant to us in time but familiar in their humanity. The interplay of the environment, dialogue, style, and spirit in every split second of time, is where she feels the real essence of the subject lies.

Giselle has worked in film and television for more than half a decade, most notably demonstrating her talent as a guest artist, painting a mural for an elementary school suffering the dreariness of inner city landscapes, on the HGTV reality show Green Force. Later that year, she had other work displayed for Global’s Da Kink in My Hair, also receiving mention in the script.

Currently, Giselle continues her work with retro images and is building her collection for upcoming shows.