F E A T U R E D   P I E C E

The Thriving Artist
Oil on Wood
18″ x 36″



Through the ages, the world of painting has predominately glorified the obvious: commissions for the rich and famous, sunsets in pastoral settings, portrayals of historic events, and still lifes of the objects we already find pleasing to the eye. As an artist, I have always focussed on the beauty found in memories.

Conveying the personality of an era through art can evoke a very visceral sense of comfort and warmth, regardless of who the onlooker might be. My inspiration, often found in vintage photo albums, is neither that of the graduation day, nor the 50th wedding anniversary, but of the days in-between. For it is the everyday “mundane” moments leading to the moments we choose to value where the real bulk of life takes its place.

My intention is to draw out those tangible qualities of the past that everyone can identify with, and thereby facilitate an escape from the pressures of the present day through regression to the haven in one’s head: the realm of memory.